monocouche render price per m2. We develop, test and adapt new and existing products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. (some assumptions have been made for the purposes of the calculation). For accurate prices in your area, we always recommend speaking to local plasterers who specialise in monocouche rendering and asking them for quotes with a breakdown of the options and associated costs. 00 per m2 for the primer and £12. BEADS are supplied in full boxes only and may arrive in a separate delivery to the render materials. Consisting of just one coat, applied in two passes, monocouche render allows for fast application as a pumped or spray render which reduces scaffolding and site costs. acrilic simple as for price i would consider £12. monocouche such as k-rend monocouche does not need a basecoat on old or new brickwork. Non-combustible - Euroclass A1. The cost of external wall rendering per square metre comes in the range But monocouche render prices are ludicrous and can cost up to 80 . Nationwide Enquiries & Support. Cost Summary of Rendering an External Wall. It is applied with much less care and precision and is generally applied in a much thinner layer than. The cost per m 2 is, therefore, £0. When trowel applied to a thickness of 2 - 3 mm, coverage is approximately 7. Weber monocouche renders are the ideal choice for a low-maintenance and durable finish. These prices exclude trims, labour, paint, waste disposal and scaffold. Search 160+ External Renders from leading External Rendering manufacturers including; SAS Europe Ltd, Saint-Gobain Weber and Smet Building Products Ltd. Plastering Services Dublin Prices. Monocouche Single-layer render, produced by big …. Welcome to Wetherby Building Systems Ltd. The remaining 11mm monocouche is then applied. 00 per m2 for the base coat and £5. Should you require a more custom quote, do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to provide you one free of charge. The cost of monocouche render can vary depending on the base coat needed. Silicone render is seen as more of a premium type of render and therefore comes with a high price. External rendering using a sand and cement ‘scratch coat’ and a finer render topcoat, followed by two coats of external masonry paint will cost in the region of £40–£60 per m². Reduces suction on porous substrates. Dashing Aggregate Black & White 25kg. The Weber Weberpral Monocouche Render 25kg Ivory colour from the special colour range is a through coloured one-coat, ready-mixed, cementitious, weather resistant, external decorative render, suitable for most types of brick or blockwork. Our monocouche system requires that installers embed fibreglass mesh within the first layer of render to enhance tensile strength and crack resistance. For accurate prices in your area, . This is a great time to try the DIY route if you are so inclined. Note: These estimates take no account of wastage and will vary according to the type of substrate. These are guidelines and should NOT be treated as a final quote. A base price for rendering the walls of a three-bed, semi-detached house is between £5500 – £9000 + markup/profit etc. We'd Rate Monocouche Render As The Following: Waterproofing = 4/5 Breathability = 5/5. 5⁰C to 25⁰C for a minimum of 24 hours. Rendering and painting a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house with 80m² of walls would therefore cost £3,200-£4,800. 58/m2 inc VAT) show quantity discounts. Weber Accelerateur Monocouche (20ltr) Item no. Red colour to indicate coverage. Prices for the three most popular finishes; sand/cement, silicone render and monocouche. If you can get skim coat plastering for anything between 6 to 12 per square meter you will pay at least 20 per square meter for any type of external render. £1 per month thereafter for access to all our enhanced calculators. Through coloured renders such as K Rend, Monocouche render and Weber render all suffer with the same problems. For hand application, add 5 – 5. This works at between £45 and £70 per square metre base price. Monocouche, once left to dry, is then scraped back with the use of a nail float to achieve the correct finish. 00 per m2 for the finish total £29. With over 20 years' experience GL Monocouche Rendering Specialist are a rendering specialist based in Derby, Derbyshire. As you can see above, the cost of an acrylic render is £30 per m2. A silicone render cost will usually fall somewhere between £50-£70 per metre squared. With correct dosage, it will achieve 20ºC scrape times when working at 5ºC temperatures. Less than 85% for a minimum of 24 hours. Weber Weberpral m, Rend Aid, OCR, LAC and Tyrolean. Typically, rendering of any kind is priced per square metre and you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 per metre squared to $80 per metre . Parex Render Systems add warmth to new health care complex. How much does rendering cost?. This is usually a heavily discounted rate. The m 2 cost of Monocouche Render. A new state-of-the-art business incubation building in Dorset has been completed with the use of StoTherm Vario and StoTherm Classic insulation systems, Sto exterior render and StoColor Dryonic facade paint. Please Register for our enhanced calculators, 7 day free trial, no obligation to subscribe. 4K and Kabe at 5K (Render and mesh, corner and plinth bead stops) works out about 24-25m2 Maybe I am missing something, because I did get a quote of about 22K from Powerwalls for the entire job. PDF StoRend Render systems. Monocouche Render Prices Approximately £35 - £55 per M2 Price varies on the type of base coat needed. Colourful Facade Paint Sto's External Wall Insulation Systems and high-performance Facade Paint helps bring new Innovation Studio to Life. Through coloured one-coat weather resistant and breathable decorating render for vertical masonry and concrete walls. Non standard colours are available subject to colour approval. Contains a fine aggregate to improve render key. A smaller bungalow, which has less wall area and will require less scaffolding, will cost £1,575 - £3,150. 72 M² per slab) 6 slabs per pack 4. Rendering Costs You can expect to pay somewhere between £35 and £60 per square metre for cement render. Get at least 3 prices, there are some good renderers about. Acrylic/silicone render ranges between £45 and £75 per m2 but must be used in addition to . Suitable for a wide range of general building applications. Jewson is a plasterboard and plaster supplier to trade customers, self-build projects, and online customers, with a great selection of plastering accessories and related materials. Internal and external renders can vary greatly in prices. Monocouche can be applied either by hand or by machine application. Allowance must be made for extra material required on high suction or. Prices vary depending on the size of wall and type of render materials used. Cement rendering is cheaper at £2,050 for a semi and £3,100 for a detached house. Fully / Part meshed, substrate preparation and waterproofing requirements. Application of a single coat render over two passes allows for fast application with a shorter programme period as well as allowing earlier completion of ground . Slab size - 100mm x 600mm x1200mm (0. A weatherproofing monocouche render for exterior or interior walls on all types of housing, office or industrial buildings. Approximately £80 – £90 per M2 (including labour and materials). 9mm Renderflex is a cellulose/fibre cement based render carrier board, primarily used as base board for polymer modified render systems which do not include insulation added to the board before rendering. Rendering Cost per m2 UK – 2021 Average Prices You can expect to pay somewhere between £20 and £45 . The back wall of the old garage has been long overdue a facelift and gave the ideal opportunity to have a go at rendering with a monocouche . Pral M through-coloured monocouche is a one coat, ready-mix chalk render suitable for both machine and hand application. So how much to render a house? Well, a typical 3-bedroom mid-terrace house's exterior walls cost £3000 to £5500 and take 5 to 8 days. Monocouche Single-layer render, produced by big-name companies. Average Render Cost Per m² Below is a breakdown of the labour and material costs that make up a render cost. These micro organisms thrive on the render and not only look bad, but also damage the surface. Estimate how much does rendering cost per square metre in the UK: Small mid-terrace house = 40-50m2 Large mid-terrace house = 70-170m2 3 bed semi-detached = 110-160m2 3 bed detached = 110-160m2 4-5 bed detached = 180m2+ While the cost is comparably not expensive, the work needs to carried out by approved renderers. GoRend HBS Monocouche is quick and easy to apply in one coat over new blockwork and has an attractive and durable 2mm scraped aggregate finish. 2014-12-16T09:35:02+00:00 Answered 16th Dec 2014. 5mm Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board provides a solid, dry base that can withstand the extreme weathering effects of wind, rain and snow. How Much Does it Cost to Render a House per m2? House rendering is one of those jobs, which like cleaning jobs, can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home. For the board themselves Aquapanel is €13. When applied at the correct thickness of 3 mm, coverage is approximately 5. As a rough guide, a silicone render could cost double the price of a conventional cement mix – coming in somewhere around £60 per m2. Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from. Water resistant A* Green guide rating. its a monocouche render going rate in north east is £45. All types of finishes – scraped, fine, rustic, crushed, trowelled, rubbed. A base price for rendering the walls of a three-bed, semi-detached house is between £5500 - £9000 + markup/profit etc. K Rend is the leading render manufacturer in the UK and Ireland. Improves adhesion on smooth substrates. External insulation rendering systems Jersey. Approximately £35 – £55 per M2; Price varies on the type of base coat needed. In addition, can also be used to create features. Often a silicone-based element is included in the render to diminish the need for future cleaning, but it does increase the price. Whilst not a waterproof render, weberpral MF is a highly water-resistant cement render, and the resistance can be further improved by the application of a . Explore our guide to mortar and render mixes here. At Builder Depot, we stock a range of great render products such as base render coats, silicone coats and primers from trusted brands K Rend and Weber. This through-colour render is fast to apply in one coat. Unlike render covered with paint, it does not show scratches and therefore stays looking newer for longer. Lime render is tends to be more time-consuming to apply as therefore costs start at a little more. A single coat render applied in two passes means fast application with shorter programme periods, reduced scaffolding and site costs, as well as earlier completion of ground works. Waterproof Render for External Walls One Coat – Rendit. 07805 310463 [email protected] Can monocouche render be painted?. From £45-50+/m² can be expected. Our through coloured waterproof render for external walls is a one coat application for masonry and walls including concrete blocks and bricks. Total cost worked out at £50/m2. Rendering and painting a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house with 80m² of walls would therefore cost £3,200–£4,800. johnstones render system rejuvinates ramshackle cottage Set on a large plot of land in Louth, Yew Tree Cottage was a tired-looking building in desperate need of renovation. The average cost of monocouche rendering in the UK is around £55 – £75 per m2, including materials and labour. You aren't required to paint all types of render, but the painting costs need to be added on top of the render m² if it is needed. It is also known as 'Through Colour Render' and 'Scratch Render'. Coverage 1 bag / M2 at 18mm (can be scraped back to 15mm) 13 standard colours full range available from colour chart please contact to confirm. Available in 100 colours with a variety of finishes achievable. For cement renderers here are their service charges: South Australia: $62. Plus materials, scaffolding etc for the above. Most rendering companies would usually price rendering on a square metre rate, you can expect to pay between £45-£55 per m2, supply and installation, depending on how many square metres your project is. Monocouche can be used to produce a range of finishes: Scraped. Marketing leading K Rend is the UK's largest independent silicone render manufacturer. It's a little more expensive than cement rendering . Using a monocouche render will be more expensive, but there are long term savings on maintenance to be enjoyed. Superbrut is a fine grained, single coat through coloured monocouche render which is available in 100 colours. Roll weight: 8kg / Pallet weight: 264kg. If you are applying render to an uneven surface you may require Rend Aid. The cost of the monocouche is £10. Our extensive range of plasterboard & plastering supplies makes sure you have all the materials you need to complete your project to the highest professional standards. Taking that into account, the fibreglass mesh costs approximately 70p per square metre. 00 per m2 monocouche renders: £60. With the low maintenance of this product it saves time and money, price is not ant high per m2 than that of monocouche renders and with a 15 year guarantee it makes this product even more cheaper per m2. An official study carried out at a Dutch University has found that the application of Cork render can reduce energy bills by 30%. I'm getting quoted 70/m2 for rendering. How much to render a house? You should allow £31. And on closer comparison alot of the price difference was due to the fact that the Aquapanel system includes more e. Having undergone various changes over the years, the exterior of the property …. Get a Selco Trade Card or login now. Just up from that price is lime, at around £20. 72 M² per slab) 4 slabs per pack. Application K Mono is designed for use with render spray machines. Dashing Aggregate Black & White 25kg. Answered 21st Feb 2011 The render on your house has cracked due to a number of reasons, it could of been done in poor weather, or not enough mechanical key. Wetherby Building Systems Limited are UK market leaders in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of insulated render systems (also known as external wall insulation), brick slips, brick effect renders, polymer cement renders, silicone & mineral renders. OZÉ Neige Monocouche Render by PRB Systems. 32m2 per pack Please contact us if you require any further information or a product data sheet. Render systems 12 | Render Guide Our position as a market leader in render has been achieved by developing systems based upon the needs of our customers. House rendering cost per m2 is £25 to £70 with an average cost to render a house of about £40 per m2. Generally, it varies in the range of £55 – £75 per m2 (including labour and . Render is used to provide a smooth. Can be applied to damp surfaces. Hardwood timber cladding is around £90, but the cheapest, but much less durable option, is. Ecorend K11 Key Coat Primer is a cement based primer, specifically designed for use on difficult substrates to provide a key prior to the application of a cement basecoat or through coloured render. A one-coat or top coat finish, through coloured, weather resistant and breathable decorative render available in 48 standard colours. It is also known as ‘Through Colour Render’ and ‘Scratch Render’. Typical costs (including labour) are in the region of £52. Fully/part meshed, substrate preparation and . Premium quality renders, plasters, insulation, Microcement systems, Stuco and Venetian plastering and more all competitively priced. Mesh - Our orange fibreglass mesh doesn't have to be used within monocouche, however, we recommend it to help limit the potential for cracking. The lower figure is for s/c; the mid-price will be for monocouche while the upper price would be for silicone render. At the higher end, you can choose monocouche which will cost from £35 per square metre. Bagging vs rendering We are often asked what the difference is between bagging and rendering. Acrylic/silicone render ranges between £45 and £75 per m 2 but must be used in addition to cement render. thermal insulation, thermal acoustic insulation, polystyrene insulation board, insulation cost, exterior wall, Jersey, ECO-REND, External Insulation & Rendering Systems Jersey, ecological and economic Insulations, modern Renders & Insulations Jersey, modern living, insulation jersey channel islands, cavity wall insulation jersey, loft insulation. When applied at 16mm thick, coverage is approximately 0. Advantages: Weatherproofing and decoration of external walls (RT1, RT2 and RT3) and internal walls. Marketing leading K Rend is the UK’s largest independent silicone render manufacturer. Renderer said he works his price on £50/m2 - the sections of render carrier made no difference. Natural stone cladding comes in at around £100 whereas artificial stone is much cheaper at £70. WHAT!!! 4k for K-rending about 130 mtrs, dream on m8, its covers roughly a m2 a bag @ £14, if you can do 130 mtrs at 4k labour & all materials i got loads of work you can do. Comes in a bag ready to be mixed with water and can be applied using spray or a hand trowel. Because they are one-coat renders, they apply faster. Acrylic/silicone render ranges between £60 and £90 per m2 but must be used in addition to cement render. Due to the varying geographical costs for materials and labour this render price calculator should only be used as a rough guide. Renovation of existing masonry: Please contact PRB). However, if you have a monocouche render you'll be looking at between £7,100 and £10,700. Monocouche render generally comes in at between £50 to £85 per m2. Price per square metre - South: £60-75, Midlands: £50-60, North: £45-60 (silicone is more expensive than acrylic by around £1-2 per metre squared). This will take 3 men 7 days (2 spreads and 1 labourer). Weber Monocouche Render in stock for next day delivery. ProRend Colour render provides an excellent mineral finish for masonry substrates, giving a highly water-resistant finish in a range of 16 popular colours. Approximately £30 - £55 per M2. It is also worth considering the energy saving aspect to choosing Thermocork. Small areas such as quoins and window reveals may be finished. Consumption: 1m2 per bag at 19mm thick render. Coverage: To achieve a finished thickness of 15 mm, coverage is approximately 25 kg per m2. I paid for the materials direct and deducted that from the renderers bill so I can VAT back - so if take VAT out it is around £47/m2. Render/Stucco Quantities Estimator. see here for doing 195m2: I'd (likely wrongly!) used 23 for material and 26 for labour for Monocouche render on cement board. Best bet take all old off and use a modern render maybe monocouche which allows the building to breath. There were some sections originally to be clad in render board etc. The render system for the bluclad didn't. The job might typically take up to two weeks, and you should allow £500 - £800 for scaffolding costs. Venetian plaster, polished plaster wall and ceiling. In the mid-range is acrylic, polymer and pebbledash, all commanding a price of £30 per square metre. Monocouche Render Prices Approximately £30 – £55 per M2 Price varies on the type of base coat needed. The average cost of cladding a house in the UK is about £20 per m2 if you use uPVC or at least double that if you use hardwood cladding. Monocouche Rendering Specialists are rendering contractors working from Derbyshire who supply and install coloured render and white render for houses and commercial properties. Please select a different option or call 01752 692 206. Render is used to provide a smooth or textured surface to the exterior of a building. The scaffolding will cost £750, materials £425, the labour £3000. When trowel applied to a thickness of 2 – 3 mm, coverage is approximately 7. When it comes to labour, you’ll need to pay more if you live in London or the South East (no surprises there). Single component through coloured monocouche render. Good for Pebble Dashing & Dry Dashing. The basic choice costs around £40-£60 per metre squared. Thick-coat renders like Monocouche or sand and cement are not only too heavy, but also don't have the flexibility of the thin coat renders. This puts the total cost at about £4,000 for a 3 bedroom semi-detached house. Just about to render our new build house. At K Rend we provide a wide range of textures and finishes to suit the style and needs of your property. See our rendering prices here. As a specialised render manufacturer, K Rend have a portfolio of products to suit every customer need. Cost Of Rendering A House In 2021: Ultimate UK Guide. For 28 years, K Rend has offered a high quality extensive range of renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural looking finish. Monocouche is made from cement. Price varies on the type of base coat needed. Other types or variety of materials are acrylic, limestone, brick, polymer, blue board, monocouche, or insulating render that can be applied to . At different rendering rates, the total cost of rendering could be around: $12,000 at $30 per m2 $20,000 at $50 per m2 $32,000 at $80 per m2 Another cost to factor into your render project is the cost of scaffolding hire. Masonry paint costs between £20 to £30, depending on the brand you choose. Enjoy 0% over 4 monthly instalments*. Specialists in monocouche coloured render (k-rend) , plastering and flow screed based in Chertsey. Pral M Monocouche Ivory Render 25kg. Also here is the per square metre pricing for the cost of the render supply-only (checked 2022): Silicone and monocouche render: £32 per square metre. 90 and covers approximately 10m2 so the meterage rate is £6. Monocouche rendering tends to cost upwards of £40/m². For each mm of thickness, you will require approximately 1. Fully/part meshed, substrate preparation and waterproofing requirements. Silicone render costs anything from £60 – £90 and more per square meter. They are a breeding ground for algae, lichen, moss and mold. Cement is the most cost-effective finish, coming in at £10 per square metre. Suitable for most types of brick or blockwork on new build or refurbishment projects, a 25kg bag will cover approximately 1m² at 15mm thickness. Can be applied by hand or machine, this fast setting product can be finished through a scraped texture, floated and more. Average Render Cost Per m² Monocouche Render, £27, £36, £63 Monocouche render is a new render that doesn't need a base coat. There should be around 250 boards or 750 m2 of skim @ 6 euro m2 is 4500 this still leaves 5500 for the external you could get a monocouche or sand cement finish for that price although the monocouche materials would be more expensive than a sand cement finish. Very textured surface £35 - £45 / m2. Bagging is the rough application of usually a thin layer of cement render to external walls using a rolled up hessian sack, a broom or a trowel, depending on how rustic the desired finished look is. pral M is a one-coat, through-coloured monocouche render. K Rend Silicone K1 Arran Scraped Render Coat 25Kg Pallet of 40. An ultra thin coating of CorkSol SprayCork will help to achieve high insulation values. Enter your dimensions in the form below and click enter to calculate the results. 00 per m2 so total £90,000 - £100,000K if you allow a measley 50M2 per day thats 40 days digs for 3 men at £15. You only have to add clean water . Can be finished with a scraped or sponge finish. Vimark MonoChrome Monocouche Render is a one-coat, weather resistant, breathable, through coloured mineral decorating render for external use, suitable for most types of traditional masonry brick, blockwork or concrete. 5 litres of clean water per 25kg sack. Approximately £80 - £90 per M2 (including labour and materials). With that in mind, the cost of the materials used in monocouche rendering is significantly . We are also contacted frequently in order to find out cement rendering house cost. I've got 315m2 to do (North Dublin), and the render guy is looking for 7k for his work (spray job), Priced Parex material at about 6. So a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home with around 90m 2 of walling might cost in the region of £2,835 - £5,670. EWI-090 Monocouche Scratch Render is a one coat, polymer modified dry mix render, great for render-only . Uses white cement and come pre. They are ready to use organic resin renders which are applied to provide a low maintenance textured finish. Our monocouche system requires that installers embed fibreglass mesh within the first layer of render to enhance tensile strength and crack . Start right away with 4 months to pay. personally I would opt for sand and cement render, decorated, K ren has lots of maintenance issues, it is susceptible to blooming and discolouration when applied to damp block work, so often need decorating anyway, this requires expensive specialist. Especially suitable for low strength masonry. Especially crisp on a pure white pebble dash render. £60 a m2 we charge supply and fit Does that include scaffolding C craigEEE Active Member Jan 15, 2017 #15 theclemo said: Does that include scaffolding No. Slab size - 75mm x 600mm x1200mm (0. External rendering using a sand and cement 'scratch coat' and a finer render topcoat, followed by two coats of external masonry paint will cost in the region of £40-£60 per m². 16 per m2 + vat, bluclad is €11. Generally, it varies in the range of £55 - £75 per m2 (including labour and materials). Acrylic Render: £27: £31: £58: Monocouche Render: £27: £36: £63: Painting Render: £6: £2. 4mm x 4mm 160g/m2 Manufactured to support installation of the MonoTherm TXF system. The unique chemistry of the silicone render enables it to retain its . Monocouche Render is also known as Through Colour Render and Scratch Render. Traditional rendering is one of the cheaper options to install, costing from around £60 per square metre, though uPVC cladding is cheaper still at £50. Our range of coloured renders can be used to produce a scraped or roughcast finish, and. GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through-coloured render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties. Our long lasting solution adheres to any surface with no primer required and is a great solution for over-sprays. For both types, it'll cost about £1000 to install. 00 I was asked to quote on 2000 m2 in leeds but weather. Add material to the feeding hopper and adjust water supply to achieve the desired consistency. Costs come in similar to silicone, at around £50-£60 per m2. Old house with solid walls and old cement render. Price Range = £25 to £85 per m². Monocouche Render a French term meaning ‘one coat’. For now, let's say that across the UK, rendering prices per m2 range from £20 to £45. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish. What render can I use for an external wall insulation system? When adding insulation to your re-render job, you should be looking at thin-coat renders to seal the system. 0mm grains and 20 standard colours. Algae Resistance UV Resistance. PermaRock Brick Effect Render (BER) is pre-batched, two-coat self-coloured polymer-modified cement-based render designed to simulate the appearance of brickwork. For a typical 3 bedroom house, it'll cost about £1000 to buy white uPVC cladding and £2000 to buy wood effect uPVC. How much does it cost to render?. With over 40 years in the industry, Great Yarmouth Ceilings is a leading interiors sub-contractor. All types of finishes - scraped, fine, rustic, crushed, trowelled, rubbed. I assumed this was supply of board, mounting, and then render finish. ProRend Colour is a premium, factory-batched proprietary silicone monocouche render. Light weight construction with render carrier boards? External Wall Insulation? Etc. Primer – Much like with Silicone render, if applying to standard masonry, we recommend that you use our Water Based Primer. e fine scratched, rustic, floated. Find out about k rendering cost, rendering cost per m2, house rendering colours and much acrylic, mineral and monocouche scratch render. This is of course dependant on what type of materials your house is constructed from. This style of render consists of a single coat, rather than multiple layers. K Rend K-Rend is a UK based manufacturer of silicone coloured renders. If you are looking to order a large quantity please feel free to call us on 01372 230830 or email sales. A weather resistant and breathable one coat grey render designed for dense masonry substrates, which can be left as self-finished, painted or can receive one of the Parexdirect Acrylic render system. Our aim is to provide an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting surface to the outside of your property. plastering price list: commercial supply and fit costs: skimming: £9. Bloke is doing it for £10 a metre (just over 200 m2 in all) and the render itself is coming from our builder's merchant for around £10 per metre plus VAT. General cost of K rend is between £30-£50 per m/2 (inclusive of materials) The main problem with monocouche renders,(one coat) through . 60 and can be as much as £19 per metre square. Pressure washing render does not get to the 'root' of the problem. With over 20 years of experience and investment in the development of through coloured render systems and their application we lead the external finishes market working to support the construction industry as new products and systems are required. Price + postage: highest first; Bond It Render Mesh 160g/m2 Fibreglass Rendering Plastering Crack Repair 50sqm. Lightweight fine grain single-coat render 25kg. K Rend is the only UK manufacturer to incorporate in-house innovate silicone. This will be more expensive purely because of the cost of the "dash". Traditional sand and cement: £16 per square metre. Edited July 29, 2020 by SuperJohnG . 25kg Through colour monocouche render which can achieve a scraped or roughcast finish - suitable for most types of brick or blockwork. Monocouche render generally comes in at between £35 to £70 per m 2. For now, let's say that across the UK, rendering prices per m2 . cost of monocouche rendering? The average cost of monocouche rendering in the UK is around £55 – £75 per m2, . This will be more expensive purely because of the cost of the “dash”. The fine aggregates are suspended in a unique waterproof polymer to ensure easy application by roller or brush. Weber accelerateur monocouche is a liquid setting accelerator solution for Monocouche through-coloured renders to speed up the time to scrape during colder application periods. How much does monocouche render cost? The cost of monocouche render can vary depending on the base coat needed. 00 per m2 supply and fix for 1 coat if you hae to put a latex first coat on to kill suction i would price it at £50. Painting protects your external walls and ensures the render lasts for years to come. Monocouche render starts at around £35/m 2. External Renders: Search, compare & price 100+ products. 50 - £63/m2 (of facing wall) for a rendered wall (which includes painting). You can expect to pay somewhere between £20 and £45 per square metre for cement render Monocouche render generally comes in at between £35 to £70 per m 2. Hi There, would anyone have a rough per m2 price for supply and install of acrylic render?. K Rend Mineral TC is a cement based, polymer modified render and provides an. Using RW3 in ceilings, walls and floors can help to compartmentalise rooms, reducing fire spread and damage. Monocouche render is a decorative, through-coloured render. Monocouche is a relatively newcomer to British house rendering, and it's supplied in bags, ready to be mixed with water in render pump and sprayed. Continuous development and investment means GL Monocouche Rendering now offer a wide range of products and services all at the excellent standard. Our rendering price per m2 varies depending on the type of render used. Smooth surface - £30 - £35 / m2. the highest price ive ever seen for rendering a whole house, was 4k. All Sto render systems can be finished in any of the Sto synthetic render top coats, providing weather resistant, through-coloured protection in a wide range of colours and textures. K Rend's Silicone TC range are self-coloured renders which can be hand or spray applied. Ideal for use with electric or diesel spray machines. PRB Monocouche is a weatherproof, semi lightweight, single-coat render. The through-colour and one-coat features allow for fast application with shorter programme. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. High quality contractor covering in all the surrounding areas. Monocouche Monocouche is also a polymer – based render but doesn’t need a base coat. Curing time adapted to winter conditions. Costs are based within a South East location. In comparison, basic cement render costs between £8 – £11 per bag. K Rend Silicone K1 Buttermilk Scraped Render Coat 25Kg Pallet of 40. CorkSol is the only company who give a 25 year warranty over cracked render. Acrylic rendering will need a base coat and mesh and primer, each manufacturer will supply there own base,mesh,primer and topcoat (acrylic or silicone) render system, never mix render systems. Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from the following:. Call 07513 325214 Get directions WhatsApp 07513 325214 Message 07513 325214 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment Place Order View Menu. COLOUR: 100 PRB and Sun + colours. As for price your looking at an average of about £16 to £20 per sq meter. However I seem to have omitted to add the actual cost of the render board itself in my budget. K Rend Silicone K1 Champagne Scraped Render Coat 25Kg Pallet of 40. A cementitious and weather resistant render, it is suitable for most block and brickwork and external wall decoration. BER can be applied as the decorative finish coat of PermaRend Exterior Render Systems and PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. What Is House Rendering? Source: Jodie Johnson (Shutterstock). Our products are rigorously tested and verified, ensuring we deliver quality, high performing solutions. 00 per m2 side/rear single extension: £1500 lofts: £1300 domestic prices: guideline based on average 3 bedroom house. The first is a 4mm monobase: a polymer enriched, flexible render, including a mesh. 00 per night for a hovel = £1,800. Acrylic and Silicone Usually applied as a thin finish coat. The cost of lime rendering is approximately £4,200 for a semi-detached home of around 200 square meters and £6,250 for a 300 square meter detached house. This means that in total, the cost of Silicone render is £13. Waterproofing and decoration of exterior walls type RT2, RT3 and interior walls. *Some colours may have a longer lead time and price may vary depending on quantity. See full list on propertyworkshop. As you can imagine, the exact prices of porcelain cladding will vary depending on the cladding you choose but here's a rough guide to how it compares to cement, silicone and monocouche render. Monocouche render has been in use in Europe since the 80's & 90's, since then In Britain became specified by architects on British projects spurred on by the investment of research and development. A mix of white marble and black basalt for a nice speckled pebble dash finish. The cost of acrylic render usually starts at around £30 per m². It is an ideal substrate for directly applied render finishes and can be used for exterior walls in ventilated. Monocouche is a cement-based render and comes ready to mix with water, then usually sprayed on to the property. Cement rendering cost per square metre is a major factor that affects the price of the job and are highly influenced by the size of the home or building. Waterproof Render, External Insulation. Updating the look of your home? Find out more about the cost per square metre for acrylic and cement render on hipages. Price per square metre – South: £35-45, Midlands: £25-35, North: £20-30 (not including painting). Monocouche Render a French term meaning 'one coat'. Acrylic render and monocouche plastering will cost up to or over 30 per square meter. weber (weber pral Monocouche) and jub(acrylic and silicone) cost per m2. We have listed the prices for the 4 most popular rendering systems: Monocouche Render Prices. would need substantially more coverage than a smooth render or monocouche. A Parex External Wall Insulation system is contributing to the visual appeal and energy efficiency of a new hospital and well-being facility. A general guide to estimation of cost for projected Cork. The product allows to protect, smooth and decorate, surfaces maintaining good breathability of walls. Requiring just one coat, the primer can be applied by trowel or by brush. For a tradesman to do this, you will be looking at around £15 per m² for basic cement render, increasing to around £25 to £30 per m² for modern acrylic and polymer renders. See product data sheet for further technical information on substrates and application. The average cost of monocouche rendering in the UK is around £55 - £75 per m2, including materials and labour. Easy to use, looks fantastic, great price and easy to order online although the service in the store when we went to collect wasn't as fantastic unfortunately!. ) brick, stone, ceramic facades. Monocouche Render; Basecoat Renders; you will require approximately 1. Still, they can only be applied onto certain surfaces such as lightweight concrete blocks. How much does it cost to render a house? The average residential home has about 400 square metres of exterior wall area. I'm just getting some prices back and seems I might have underestimated heavily. Extra grip, render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved mechanical key before applying render on external concrete, blockwork or brick. Acrylic render costs between $30 and $80 per m2. It comes in 19 standard through-colours and can be finished smooth, textured or rusticated to look like stone. As opposed to the thin coat renders which have different grain sizes and come ready to apply, the monocouche render is a thick coat render normally applied to a finish thickness of 15mm and comes as a dry mix - so it requires mixing with water before application. If the render being used is not a colour, a base coat of k-rend would be applied and costs £40 to £45 per square meter. The StoRend range of render systems allow you the flexibility to realise even the most demanding designs: whether flat or curved, concave or convex, white or vibrantly coloured. 12000 seems abit expensive I think around the 4 euro psf or 10000. Hi There, would anyone have a rough per m2 price for supply and install of acrylic render? I know the systems can vary, but just a ballpark figure for Dublin please. the aquapanel includes a filler and mesh for the joints. By specifying Sto thin-coat synthetic renders, you avoid the problems associated with traditional cementitious renders, such as cracking and colour. Having an external wall of your . Monocouche – this is a cement-based product that has a coloured pigment . Approximately £30 – £55 per M2. The average cost for rendering a wall depends on a few factors that we'll go into later. There are three common types of rendering mixtures: Cement – Considered one of . Typically you can expect professionally installed Monocouche Render systems to cost in the range of £40-£55 per square metre (m2) but this massively varies from job to job. Supplied in rolls 1m x 50m (50m2) and or pallets containing 33 rolls. This will provide you with approximate volumes and quantities for external rendering or stucco. Working with some of the biggest names in the construction industry, we've worked on high profile projects across East Anglia, London and further afield. Render & Stucco Quantity Calculator. Just go with OCR (One Coat Render) for base coat get it nice and flat then prime the base with same colour primer as the top coat then apply acrilic simple as for price i would consider £12. The cost of Venetian plaster materials in the UK depends on the quantity, type and colour of the plaster used, but as a guideline starts from £4. Coverage: 1 25kg bag per square metre approx. weberpral M is a weather-resistant exterior render and is ideal for new build or refurbishment projects. Acrylic render is used as a topcoat over new renders or an existing render. weberend OCR One Coat Base Render 25kg. This is added to our state of the art Putzmeister Worm Pump, which has a fantastic fast flow rate, allowing us to quickly apply monocouche render. This means for a The cost of Monocouche render begins at around £35 per m². Benefits: Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire insulation. General cost of K rend is between £30-£50 per m/2 (inclusive of materials) depending on how much beading around Windows and doors is required. Silicone renders are typically applied in a thin layer over a reinforced base coat. Get Quote Call 07557 770598 Get directions WhatsApp 07557 770598 Message 07557 770598 Contact Us Find Table Make Appointment Place Order View Menu. Monocouche render generally comes in at between £35 to £70 per m2. If you plan on fitting external insulation, with a render finish, you can expect costs of approx. Weberpral M chalk render is a through-coloured monocouche render, which can produce a scraped or roughcast protective finish. Simon85 Well-Known Member Jan 15, 2017 #16. In total then - the cost of the monocouche render is £11. 25Kg bags x 40 bags per pallet.