toyota red coolant. I've never tried it on the Sienna but a coolant change should be a DIY, just like an oil change with no filter replacement. If the liquid doesn't reach the "Full" line, open the bottle and add a 50/50 mix of water and coolant until it does. Even a small amount of coolant in oil will give a sweet smell. Here's more info relating to coolant protection on soldered brass/copper radiators: Results of industry standard tests of the new Toyota extended-life (PINK) coolant now show a substantial weight loss (corrosion), both in a 50-50 mix aud in a 33% coolant mixture (solder corrosion is much greater in this more diluted solution). When it comes to a fleet’s extended life coolant concerns, look no further than the three C’s: Capabilities; Compatibility; and Contamination. If it’s not coming on at all, it’s usually either the blower motor or some other wiring issue. bZ4X will be the first to feature the latest Toyota Safety Sense TM safety package (TSS 3. Keep it original as the factory intended. Toyota 93-98 Supra MK4 2JZ Turbo Left Hand Drive HPS High Temp 3-ply Reinforced Silicone Heater Hose Kit Red is designed to replace stock OEM rubber hoses which can eventually weaken over time, HPS silicone Heater hose kit has all the correct bends and curves for a perfect fit replacement for your OEM rubber coolant …. Your check engine light may turn on. This coolant when it was formulated by Valvoline, based the formulation off of the Toyota SLLC. You can mix them but you will bring the service interval down to 30,000 miles. Vehicle owners should always refer to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for. Take your Toyota Prius for service immediately when you see a red warning light. Prestone ® HD 50/50 Prediluted NITRITE FREE Extended Life (ELC) Antifreeze/Coolant is intended for use and compatible with ANY nitrite free HD Organic Acid Technology (OAT) coolant …. If the coolant red light is flashing, then that means that a sensor is not responding to the computer system at that time. Toyota Radiator Coolant - Red …. This is mainly due to the fact that older Toyotas usually have non- . I have owned Toyota vehicles since 1995 and have traveled over 147000 miles with my present vehicle===Toyota Sienna. This range is based on the number and age of Toyota Highlander's on. Compatible for use with coolant, water, air, turbocharger bypass valve ports, vacuum ports, throttle body water ports, heater cores. Shop for Toyota Land Cruiser Powerbond Harmonic Balancers PROJECTA Prorack Protective Plastics Protex PWR RAE Raw 4x4 Suspension Razorback 4x4 RDA Brakes Red Line Synthetic Oil Redback Exhausts Royal Purple RPM Performance Clutch Ryco Filters SAAS Sachs Safari Snorkels Shell Shevron Smart-O SP Tools Tridon Coolant …. Premier formula for all Toyota ®, Lexus ® and Scion ® vehicles; makes, models, years & fluid colors. Here's what happens: Faulty readings from the coolant temperature sensor can cause the engine to miscalculate the air-fuel mix in the engine. Fill Coolant - Dilute coolant with distilled water and fill. A coolant temperature sensor is confined to the engine of a vehicle and measures the temperature of the vehicle’s engine coolant. com Car Forums to discuss car buying, selling, repairs, maintenance and all things automotive! Search discussions by make, model or topic. Do not use alcohol type antifreeze or plain water alone. Find out what type of coolant …. - Make sure you have the correct coolant (either pre-mixed or mix it to specs) and the right quantity. laplanoThe factory fill on ALL Toyota vehicles from 1988-2003 was RED Toyota Long Life Coolant…. qts) HINT: Use of improper coolants may damage the engine cooling system. When did Toyota introduce red OAT-based coolant over the traditional IAT green coolant? I can't find any information about this. Remove the harness to them and check the sensor for resistance. Morris ultralife red antifreeze concentrate with OAT (Organic acid technology) suitable for both diesel and petrol engines offering up to 5 years longlife protection. Tojo genuine is red 08889-80086. Intermix any of the above and its hard to tell what color the coolant …. So, while there are some forums out there that claim you. For a breakdown, please call this number. If the coolant appearance, clarity or color is unsatisfactory, check for possible contamination with other coolants, fuel, oil, combustion leaks, etc. Toyota OEM red coolantOnly use the best! This 1 Gallon of concentrated coolant makes 2 gallons of 50/50 mixed coolant when mixed with 1 Gallon of distilled water. Located in Machesney Park, IL / 1,512 miles away from Moses Lake, WA. The modern coolant comes in various different colors and red …. Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT) Coolant was pretty much the original type of coolant and is still used in older vehicles. Please use the buttons below to schedule service at Mike Calvert Toyota …. guess i will be doing the gallon of red and grabbing distilled water thanks guys! 2002 Spectra Blue MR2 Spyder. Contact us for more information. Red Line Land Cruisers is your source for parts, service or restoration on your FJ40, FJ55, FJ60, FJ Cruiser, and other Toyota trucks. How do you mix Toyota red coolant? 1 Answer: ken wong. From purchase to service, we’re here to serve you! Our hours of operation are …. Road hazard coverage included on eligible tires. Is the red toyota coolant suitable for rsv4? reason I asked is because the agip coolant is not available here and from what I've read there are certain type of coolant …. solution: either you or a mechanic can tackle this. Thread starter MG; Start date Dec 28, 2019; Tags 17410-37d40 coolant engine heat leak over p148f00 prime prius pump revolution toyota …. Morris Red Anti Freeze Coolant 5L Longlife (Oat) (MORRIS) Morris Products - Performance Lubricants. Prices for a used 2004 Toyota Tacoma currently range from $6,000 to $29,999, with vehicle mileage ranging from 43,875 to 238,690. OAT coolants don’t contain silicates or nitrites but rather other additives, like corrosion inhibitors, to help improve the overall performance of your engine. Related repairs may also be needed. Both OAT and HOAT are often orange or yellow, so they can be easily misidentified. Virgin Islands and in other regions). OAT antifreeze is designed to be used to protect aluminum components from corrosion in newer cars with aluminum radiators and heads. High engine coolant temperature warning light (red) The high engine coolant temperature warning light flashes at 0. If you are having heating problems - look elsewhere in the cooling system. There are two coolers used to help keep your car's engine and automatic transmission from overheating when in operation. MaxLife provides long-life protection by means of a unique patented formulation with superior anti-corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling chemistry. Remove the radiator cap and attach the air pump’s tester hose to the coolant recovery tank. Its application is for protection for up to a maximum of 2 years. Check out Toyota Glanza Colours, Review, Images and Glanza Variants On Road Price at …. Toyota uses Red (concentrated) or Pink (diluted). One channel directs the engine oil to the various parts where it is needed. Thread starter MG; Start date Dec 28, 2019; Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Sales, U. but very first check that the heater core is not leaking in the car mostly on the passenger …. Could do with a little top up on my coolant level. Contact Health and Safety department on 6147 or 6695 for further. Secondly, what kind of coolant should I use? Appropriate Type of Radiator Fluid For most vehicles, a glycol based antifreeze coolant is the. The engine coolant temperature sensor is temperature-variable resistor, which usually has a negative temperature coefficient. And red I think had the claim of 5year/60K miles. I drained coolant from my car and couldn't tell if it was red or pink, without seeing the Toyota coolants in person. With premium quality silicone and race inspired design, this HPS silicon Radiator + H. Antifreeze makers use those dye colors to differentiate coolant from other fluids used in cars. Coolant (or antifreeze) protects your engine from freezing while defending components against corrosion. Provides the lowest total cost of ownership when used in conjunction with Cat filters and Cat S•O•S. Never mix different types of coolant …. Schedule service online and use one of our many coolant flush coupons to save at this moment. Suitable for the Toyota Various models. Until you have the system flushed and filled, as per the scheduled maintenance, continue to use the red Toyota blend. Photo 2: Vacuum-fill the cooling system. 0L HPS red High Temp Reinforced Silicone Radiator Hose Kit Coolant OEM Replacement Upper Lower 57-1730-RED prevent hose cracking, collapsed damage, coolant …. In addition, a few also found that the coolant is red from the container but. They all mean the same thing and are all Toyota Red. If you have to change a radiator or heater core, use aluminum. The main ingredient in Toyota's coolant …. With respect to regular coolant, the green color is utilized to. You can verify this by checking the coolant …. The hot coolant is transferred back and forth between the tank depending on the pressure emitted from the hot coolant. In addition to the radiator cap (yellow with. Refills in the field have a service life of 50K miles. Toyota Red Vs Pink Coolant Which Is Better Garage Dreams. That it is the full procedure how to reset high coolant temperature warning light Toyota Prius second generation XW20. The Toyota coolant recommended for my Auris is a long life coolant that is a non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrate and non-borate solution. Is there any other coolant rated for a prius that Forums. Toyota dealers sell the undiluted Toyota Red in the gallon jugs. The coolant color isn’t just for decoration. It comes in a pre-diluted form and has a pH of approximately 7. Made to keep your engine running cool Improves your vehicle's performance. Just make an appointment at your shop for a cooling system inspection. Buy best Toyota Red Coolant products online in Belize at Desertcart. There are three types of coolant, and they are either going to be red, green or orange in color. Check 15000 miles/ 18 months, 100000 miles/ 120 months. Don Valley North Toyota is your premier New and Used Toyota retailer & Toyota Service Centre in Markham, Ontario. Many vehicle fluids have been dyed for easy identification, and transmission fluid is no exception. Water is okay temporarily but because of its evaporation point, it well evaporates, and it has just about ZERO lubrication properties, which using proper coolant, will lubricate the water pump. A second coolant temperature sensor could be installed in another part of the engine, or in the radiator. vehicles only (may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U. Toyota's Oklahoma DealerRater Dealer of the Year 2020 (our 7th year in a row!), as well as a 20-year winner of the prestigious Toyota President's Award. 150,000 miles/240,000 km/5 years of cooling system protection. A coolant is a chemical compound used to regulate the temperature of an engine. Dark Mode Menu Log in Register Home. 5 liter V6 and would like to make an appointment, give us a ring at (952)426-4798 today!. Toyota Red Genuine OEM Coolant Gallon Jug - Don't risk it trying to use some random other type of coolant. HOAT coolants are currently used by Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. So about 3 weeks ago I notice some …. Recommended to be changed every 2 years, regardless of distance travelled. 8 liter inline four cylinder engine by performing a simple drain and fill of the radiator and overflow bottle which changes the vast majority of the old coolant…. Toyota recommends changing the coolant every 36 months. Today, there are new variants that use organic acids which creates. DexCool does NOT contain phosphates while the Toyota coolant, in common with other Japanese coolants, does. Get it Wed, Apr 20 - Thu, Apr 21. Organic additive formulation that is free of silicate, nitrite, borate, phosphate, nitrate and amines and which allows longer service life. It provides a superior level of temperature protection for the engine. Also helping guard against rust and corrosion, red antifreeze is suitable for a wide variety of makes and models. Final Charge 1 Gallon Red 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze. Learn More about the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Offers Inventory. What freaking coolant????. A coolant sensor will be held in place by one of two methods. Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo and more. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. According to the Toyota technical service bulletin at the following link, the pink and red coolant is fully compatible and can be mixed. Red Premium Long Life Coolant 100% Concentrate (RLL) Multi-Vehicle ONE Coolant 100% Concentrate (ONE) About; DIY Videos; Blog; SDS / Product Bulletins; Pollution Incident Response Management Plan;. And you do need at least a 70/30 antifreeze/water mix for the best results. ZEREX Asian Vehicle Antifreeze / Coolant is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of Asian vehicle manufacturers (Toyota®, Lexus®, Scion® and others) requiring a red…. Or look at an older Toyota equipped with the LLC coolant …. The generally recommended replacement interval is five years or 225,000 kilometres. 0L V6 (2007, 2008, 2009) Specs & Features The premium grade high-heat resistance reinforced silicone hoses are made with correct bends and curves to ensure a perfect fitment. How much coolant your car holds and thus will require depends entirely on …. Toyota Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant. com: toyota red coolant 1-48 of 107 results for "toyota red coolant" RESULTS Genuine Toyota Parts - Genuine Toyota Fluid 00272-1LLAC-01 Long Life Coolant - 1 Gallon (002721LLAC01) 611 $38 59 Get it Fri, Apr 29 - Tue, May 3 FREE Shipping More Buying Choices $35. Mixing red antifreeze and water usually turns the. Toyota Red NO SIGN of pitting at all after 20,000 KM's! I know I'll get slammed and people will say. It's OAT, Organic Acid technology. As the tubes get older and weaker, you may get sediment or debris inside that causes a leak. Engine coolant is discribed as follows: "Drain and flush the. Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated (ZXG051) 2. Toyota Red Long Life Coolant: Ethylene Glycol (107-21-1) Diethylene Glycol (111-46-6) Water (7732-18-5) Orangic Acid Salt (532-32-1) Hydrated Inorganic Salt (1310-58-3) Which Toyota Coolant is the Longest Lasting?. TOM: And yes, the colors are just dyes. 32 bucks for an undiluted gallon of coolant from the toyota dealer. Prevent and fix the coolant leaking and. We have found that the 'red' coolants, such as Dex-Cool and Toyota's Long-Life coolant, can clog our radiators, as well as promote leaks. Good alternative to Toyota's Red(/pink?) lon…. Choose top quality brands Beck Arnley, ContiTech, Fram, Genuine, Detailed Notes: Red - Meets Specifications: Toyota Long Life / Lexus Long Life / Scion Long Life / ASTM D-3306, Toyota …. Most automotive engines are "water"-cooled to remove waste heat, although the "water" is actually antifreeze/water mixture and not plain water. It gives your engine and cooling system protection against boil overs, heat damage, and corrosion throughout the year. I called toyota for pricing on the special pink coolant …. in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. 1 Gallon Toyota-Lexus-Scion Super Long Life Pink Antifreeze Coolant - OEM NEW! New. That prevents voids and corrosion, promoting longer and healthier engine life in every vehicle. While these signs above are the most common ones, it’s are not all of them. Coolant question (old red still look. OAT coolants don't contain silicates or nitrites but rather other additives, like corrosion inhibitors, to help improve the overall performance of your engine. Car Displayed: 1994 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3. Do not use tap water because the sediment and minerals in the tap water can build up in the radiator. Longlife Radiator Coolant. If you’re looking for Toyota replacement parts, you’ve come to the right page. Dear Tom and Ray: I have a question about antifreeze. It uses a technically advanced Si-OAT (Organic Acid Technology) based inhibitor system that is Phosphate, Amine. G11 (green/blue) Yaris Verso 1. SET is based in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited, the sole authorized distributor for Toyota vehicles in Sri Lanka today unveiled the latest Toyota SUV that has been taking the Asian vehicle market by storm. It uses the normal Toyota coolant - red I believe is the correct color. Removes water from fuel system. Coolant Flow Radiator And Engine Block Below is an explanation of this system's operation The Thermostat Just like your body needs to warm up when you …. Coolant type cannot be accurately identified by color. Automakers don't adopt new coolants on a simple schedule. LLC also protects your engine from cor. OFFICE HOURS Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 7:00pm Eastern. Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. I'm down to the coolant and there is red(98 Corolla) coolant …. The coolant in your Toyota does not last forever and will deteriorate through a combination of age and contamination. Pink is a completely different coolant to the red, its not just premixed red. Genuine Toyota Red Coolant Antifreeze 5 L Pre Mixed. Buy Prestone Toyota Ready-to-Use Red Antifreeze - 1 gal - PAF AF6200 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. It is specifically formulated for Lexus and Toyota engines cooling systems that specify the use of “Red Concentrate” Antifreeze/Coolant. BG COOLANT EXCHANGE SERVICE $129. The red coolant on the other hand is an IAT (inorganic acid technology) that is considered to be more "conventional" but still longer lasting than some other coolants on the market. Description: FOR OLDER MODEL TOYOTA VEHICLES. We recommend the traditional 'green/yellow' coolant from most name-brand manufacturers, and to mix that coolant with distilled water at a 50/50 ratio. Typically, the codes that come …. Home MR2 AW11 1984-1989 Expand submenu. No, Toyota Pink Coolant is not just premixed Red. Shell Rotella ® ELC Nitrite Free Antifreeze/Coolant is an extended-life coolant that has demonstrated outstanding performance in protecting cylinder lines from pitting corrosion damage in 600,000+ mile field testing. Regardless, your check engine light. toyota red toyota red is the mantra, but that new prestone 50/50 is fine 11-05-2011, 11:29 PM #3: detroiter Drives: 2008 Polar White LB Auto. 3 said: Hi I have the 2003 Lexus IS300 and did a bit of research and definitely don't do anything but the Toyota Red coolant it came with (also read 04+ use pink and can be used) and my question is there really no place to get it in anywhere else but the toyota parts dealership. Visit Red McCombs Toyota to explore our wide range of new and used Toyota cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. It cautions "don't use orange," but the factory-installed coolant is orange. Red 2005 Toyota Camry Solara …. ATF is usually described as being pinkish-red in color. Engineered for Use In: Lexus: 1990 and up, Scion: 2004 and up, Toyota…. At first glance, it appeared the red Toyota Long Life Coolant, or LLC, was the same, except it is not already diluted/pre-mixed with water, and I originally thought it was OK to purchase/use this and dilute it myself to the preferred ratio/strength. It came with pink, I was just going to buy three gallons of Zerex Asian and use Toyota red to top off rest (capacity is 13. NOT Premixed must add de-mineralized water. Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (SET) is the world's largest independent distributor of Toyotas. So you've got to change the coolant maybe three years or every 15,000 miles. Checking up on your coolant is easy to forget, red or purple. How to change the coolant (antifreeze) in a 10th generation 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013) Toyota Corolla in replacing the coolant (or "antifreeze") for the 2ZR-FE 1. Japanese Prius Tech Manual says the thermostat specification is starting to open at 82C (180F) and fully open at 95C (203F). A rusty color indicates that the rust inhibitor in the coolant …. Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Asian Vehicles Red 50/50 PREMIXED *10 Year/300K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon $ 21. TrueCar has 23 used 2004 Toyota Tacoma models for sale nationwide, including a 2004 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab I4 RWD Manual and a 2004 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Double Cab V6 RWD Automatic. Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Present in newer cars all over the world, OAT coolant color ranges from pink, orange, bright red, red, blue and dark green. Does - Toyota 2003 Avalon question. It is generally recommended that you use Toyota Red in older vehicles. Realizing the mistake I decided to do a full flush and put in the proper coolant. FITMENTS: 1997: Toyota: Land Cruiser: Base: 4. Learn more about UPS Red shipping (UPS Next Day Air), the many different Next Day Air options, and other UPS shipping types. 1,4 L (Power control unit), 5,4 L. P0130: Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit - Bank 1 Sensor 1. Zerex Asian Vehicle Red Antifreeze/Coolant is proven to maximize engine life in vehicles made by Asian auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Lexus and Scion which specify a red formula that's silicate and borate-free with Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT). Drain Reservoir - Remove coolant …. Check for coolant or water leaks. 0L V6 stock OEM rubber radiator coolant hoses with HPS red high temp 3-ply reinforced silicone Radiator hose kit to prevent and fix the coolant leaking and engine over heating problem caused by cracked, damaged or collapsed OEM rubber coolant …. Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Coolant uses additives to increase its lifespan significantly — up to around 150,000 miles. Premix the two which will give you 2 gallons to ready to add coolant. Find the best used 1999 Toyota Tacoma near you. Add as a top-up to any cooling system that contains Red Premium Long Life Coolant …. 0143-10 check control coolant engine p261b p261c prius pump toyota. Check 8000 km/ 6 months, 160000 km/ 120 months. Meineke mechanics can perform an affordable coolant flush, coolant change, radiator flush or other cooling system repair near your location. Popular manufacturers which require this coolant include Audi, BMW, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota…. Technology Asian Vehicles Red/Pink Antifreeze + Coolant is specifically designed for Asian vehicles requiring a Red or Pink coolant…. My coolant level is currently pretty low. Our upgraded & Patented Cor-Guard Technology (our best coolant …. MR2Heaven Silicone Coolant Hose Kits (Black and Red available) MR2Heaven. Hybrid Organic Acid Technology. These are one of the well-available anti-freeze coolants for Toyota Camry. It is red and ethylene glycol, but made for trucks' extended service. Click to expand good god u live in a hot fawking state, where the red acutually works, and toyota …. We've got the best Toyota for you! View Toyota's website now for new cars. Main: (661) 398-8697; Parts: 661 398-8837;. It provides service life protection of up to 5 years or 150,000 miles with a complete cooling system flush and fill. The back 3 head bolts were stripped, allowing coolant …. 2020, Toyota issued a recall for the 2019 and 2020 Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid model years. BMW uses an HOAT coolant that is both nitrite and . From oil changes, tire rotations, brake pads or transmission problems, we’ve got trained technicians who are able to help. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of the substance/mixture : Antifreeze & Coolant 1. Red is concentrated and pink is 50:50. In the old days (generally before 2000), changing your vehicle’s coolant was simple. Note: this is the CONCENTRATE and NOT the 50/50 mix. Help your engine keep its cool with Red Line Water Wetter cooling system treatment. For diesel trucks using green antifreeze, the recommendation of coolant service is usually around two years or 30,000 miles. Our upgraded and patented technology provides instant . This type of coolant is not recommended for newer cars. Its predecessors hit the million-mile mark on more than one occasion thanks to a team of engineers who built the truck above and beyond the. HPS Silicone Heater Hoses Toyota FJ Cruiser 4. Unfortunately this item is not in stock at this moment In stock: Packaging: 5L Brand: Toyota. Alone, neither one is better because of the following reasons. The reality is Red is good for 50,000 miles; Pink is good for 100,000 miles. Using toyota s pink coolant in my zerex asian vehicle red silicate and peak original equipment technology toyota super long life coolant variants toyota red vs pink bob is the oil guy. When considering for the right coolant for your Toyota Highlander, you need to always check your owner's manual. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/model. Genuine Toyota Red Long Life Coolant Antifreeze. An additional one-third is removed as heat energy by. Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's …. Toyota Red is an excellent product for older Toyotas. If the test determines the coolant is weak, it is time for a flush-and-fill. The first is a typical threaded housing which you will be able to remove using a large 22mm or 24mm deep well socket or wrench. PEAK OET Antifreeze and Coolant Asian Vehicles Red/Pink CONCENTRATE *5 Year/150K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon Sponsored PEAK OET Antifreeze and Coolant Asian Vehicles Red/Pink CONCENTRATE *5 Year/150K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon $23. When it comes to your Toyota Tacoma, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Engine coolant or antifreeze does in fact come in a variety of colours from green, yellow, pink, red, or orange. (Pink) or OAT (Red) Antifreeze/Coolants. This system has been improved. There is lots of good info on coolant over on bitog forums, but for the most part the zerex asian car stuff is a direct replacement for toyota red. Honda and Toyota's new extended life coolant use OAT with sebacate, but without the 2-EHA. FROM THE BACK OF THE BOTTLE: Genuine Toyota Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a new generation Ethylene Glycol-based premium antifreeze/coolant specifically formulated for Toyota …. It's been reported that combining the standard green with it will cause sludging. People also ask, what engine coolant is pink?. Beck Arnley® Premium™ Concentrated Engine Coolant, 1 Gallon. Toyota uses a red antifreeze It is really the same ethylene glycol --- the green type of antifreeze that contains red dye to give it the red color. Regular antifreeze is composed of water mixed with methanol and ethylene glycol. You can call our Sales Department at (419) 257-6025, Service Department at (419) 257-6087, or our Parts Department at (419) 257-6084. This item: Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272-SLLC2 Long Life Coolant, 1-Gallon. My 2004 Spyder had pink Toyota Super Long Life Coolant, or SLLC, as factory-fill. Prestone Antifreeze / Coolant Ready To Use 1L. K-Seal, K-Seal HD and K-Seal Ultimate are a one-step permanent multi-purpose system for coolant leak repair with over 6 million bottles being sold worldwide to date. It was originally green, but apparently Honda decided that the green wasn't standing out well enough in the crowd of different coolants , so they switched to Vulcan Blood Blue. If you're still unsure what coolant is appropriate for your Toyota - Lexus - Scion, please give us a call at 503-408-6385 or schedule an appointment. Whether you’re driving a Toyota Aygo, Yaris, Camry, Corolla, Land Cruiser, RAV4, or another model, the warning lights on your dashboard follow a …. Step 5 - Replace Defective Coolant …. The purpose of using an antifreeze is to lower the freezing point and increase the boiling point of the coolant. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. I drained the system dry and added a precise 52/48 ratio mixing it like a chemist in a glass container. When looking for the right coolant for your Toyota, you need to always check your owner's manual. However, the red coolant is forwards compatible - you can put the red in, no problem. This IS an emergency situation. The PCM expects to see slow resistance changes on the …. Trust your Authorised Toyota Dealer to always give you the best in terms of: Quality, Durability, Reliability and Resale Value. Call us at (201) 939-9400 today or make the drive from Union City, Paterson or Jersey City to Wood Ridge, NJ and see us in person. HPS red high temp 3-ply reinforced silicone heater hose kit (part number 57-1798-RED) replaces Toyota 96-02 4Runner 3. When I bought my Yaris 2 years ago I drained the radiator and put green coolant in. Take the engine temperature on a location near the coolant …. Its patented technologically advanced nitrite free OAT formulation is based upon a. Best Antifreeze and Coolants for Your Vehicle. Your engine is designed so that there is one system that controls engine oil to lubricate your vehicle and another that manages coolant to keep your car from overheating. Post by njot I was wondering if there was any reason I cannot use the standard green coolant in a 2000 Toyota Camry. Pink does claim a longer life for the factory-fill, ~10years/100k miles but after changing ~5 years/60K miles. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Genuine Toyota Long Life Red Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate 5 LTS 0888980014 at the …. Its pretty brown even for 4 year old coolant, 3 more flushes and I think it should be good. Symptoms of a Failing Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. Is this different from the Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (pink)? I saw you video on HOAT coolant and trying to determine if the red is a HOAT, OAT, or IAT. Race proven design ensure the long lasting quality over the stock rubber hoses. Olathe Toyota is located at 685 N. One particular Pink Toyota Coolant used as an. Worst 2018 Toyota Camry Problems #1: Shifting Roughly 2018 Camry Average Cost to Fix: N/A Average Mileage: 3,000 mi. It is red colour and is suitable for all Toyota…. GoMechanic Smartcool Red Coolant & Antifreeze (1L) 1:3 With Radiator Flush (250mL) Combo For Passenger & Commercial Cars. If you have a leak, it leaves a pinkish white crystal . Drain Coolant - Drain the coolant from the system. Rawhide Drive, Olathe, KS 66061. It can also lead to a host of other parts getting damaged and broken, and when worse comes to worst, your vehicle may. A water pump is mounted to the engine block or timing chain cover and is designed to circulate coolant throughout the radiator, engine block and cylinder heads. SEZAN Baliwag Auto Parts Trading. It was used in most vehicles starting in the early 2000s. Report; FordNut answered 6 years ago. Toyota of Seattle; Sales 206-382-4300; Service & Parts 833-270-1026; 1925 Airport Way S Seattle, WA 98134; Service. Description: This red warning light comes on due to a high engine coolant temperature. They are not interchangeable or compatible. This could be due to a leak in the system or it could be a sign of a larger problem, like a head gasket failure. Non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite and non-borate coolant formulated with long-life hybrid organic acid technology. At our dealership you’ll find a premium selection of the newest Toyota …. , Color: Detailed Notes: Red - Meets Specifications: Toyota Long Life / Lexus Long Life / Scion Long Life / ASTM D-3306, Toyota 00272-1L L Pre-Diluted. 0L V6 > Cooling System > Coolant / Antifreeze. This motor oil is formulated with a special additive package that helps protect Toyota metal and gasket surfaces from corrosion, and prevents foaming and maintains the proper application of oil on cylinder walls. Check any hoses that you can see at the same time. Our entire inventory is maintained by the experienced parts specialists that …. If you’re wedded to your Apple device, then the 2019 Camry …. Toyota part number - 08889-80006. Last Updated: Apr 26th, 2019 …. If a low coolant level is found, add one quart (0. If you have a leaking headgasket (s) on your 2GR 3. Prestone is yellow, but many other coolant …. Red coolant is typically has a base of Organic Acid Technology which has a different chemical makeup of green coolant and is designed to be suitable for aluminium radiators. The average cost for coolant flush can vary from $70 to $175. It uses a technically advanced OAT (Organic Acid. Adding engine coolant (also known as antifreeze) to your 2008 Toyota 4Runner is pretty easy. The colour of the engine coolant does not necessarily indicate a specific type. Three Main Causes of Oil in Coolant. For example, OAT coolants are usually orange, yellow, red or purple. This high quality reinforced silicone hose kit replaces 27 ancillary heater, minor coolant, breather and brake booster hoses in the engine bay listed below. Capacity should be around 11 qt's. Find Reservoir - Locate the coolant reservoir and clean it. In Stock Specialist delivery charges apply to this item*. To confirm, you could run your vehicle through an emissions test. Unit 1, Cleton Street Business Park DY4 7TR Tipton, United Kingdom. Drain the coolant from radiator and 2 block drain plugs. " "Here are the ingredients from the back of a gallon jug of the Toyota Super Long Life Antifreeze/coolant ( Pink ). Best Toyota Tundra Headlights. Use only Toyota Super Long Life Coolant or similar high quality ethylene glycol based non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, and non-borate coolant with long-life hybrid organic acid technology (coolant …. Then fill rad with distilled water. Matt: Brand new head/Brand new block/Green coolant 4000 KM's = pitting in Deck surface in the kidney shaped gasket hole location where there are no holes in the deck. 2 Containers of Genuine Toyota Red Coolant Antifreeze 5 L Concentrate. But the coolant change recommendation is wildly different from car to car, as some models of cars do not recommend it be changed for as far as 120,000+ miles. Replaces Toyota 07-14 FJ Cruiser 4. A car antifreeze or coolant is a colored liquid, particularly ethylene glycol, mixed with water. 8 Quarts (about 2 gallons) of Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272SLLC2 Long Life Coolant on Amazon. ACDelco 10-5034 Traditional (Yellow) Engine Coolant/Antifreeze. P0116 INFINITI Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance 📷. Another myth is that Dexcool® is not glycol based. We are here to help all Toyota …. Service life of up to 5 years/150,000 miles with a complete cooling system flush and fill. AISIN 50/50 Pre-Diluted SUPER LONG LIFE Antifreeze/Coolant is non-silicate, non-amine, non-nitrite, and non-borate coolant with hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT). Learn More About Business Solutions. recommended by Car Mechanics Magazine who rated it on …. Antifreeze: Red or Green? While it is ethylene glycol EG) based antifreeze, the concern with mixing comes from the fact that there are very different chemical inhibitor packages in use. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Sediment or rust will be visible in the coolant. Circulate Water - Run engine with distilled water and flush. If your car runs out of coolant on the road, you'll likely experience the following: 1. AUTOLA Fender Flare Clip Kit 75495-35010 75397-35010 for Toyota …. They do it for several important reasons. Genuine Toyota Super Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a new generation ethylene glycol based coolant which is pre-diluted 50:50 with de-ionized water for freeze protection to -34°F. Arguably the best protection for all engine cooling components. The ECT sensor is basically a thermistor that changes resistance with temperature. Genuine Toyota Red Pre-mixed Coolant in 5 Litres for most early models also compatible with cars using Green coolant. Check For Motor Oil in the Coolant. Mar 26, 2022 - Toyota 93-98 Supra MK4 2JZ Turbo Left Hand Drive HPS High Temp 3-ply Reinforced Silicone Radiator + Heater Hose Kit Red is designed to replace stock OEM rubber hoses which can eventually weaken over time, leading to premature failure. Best place to buy Toyota red coolant and does it matter if I get the 50/50 or not? Close. Celebrating 50 years of excellence in cutting tool manufacture. Had your eye on a new 2021 & 2022 Toyota model lately? Don't wait. If you have ever taken a stroll into your local auto parts store you may have noticed the antifreeze/coolant section has grown substantially. Coolant question (old red still look red?) Discussion in '1st Gen Tundras (2000-2006)' started by ThatYeti, Apr 17, 2021. Blue is apparently similar to green and can be mixed with green. Any vehicle with a turbo/supercharged engine, Holden Alloytec or Gen 3&4 V8 should also use organic rather than the cheaper inorganic anti-freeze coolant…. IMC Wins The 17th Annual Environment Excellence Award (AEEA) 2020 IMC Initiates Drive to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations IMC Launches Toyota …. Check with your dealer if you are thinking of using Pink in your older Toyota…. Pentofrost A1 is an antifreeze concentrate for Asian vehicle applications in water cooled engines. Call us at (866) 778-3304! While you're visiting our auto dealership website, take a look at our new Toyota models for sale, including the Highander, Prius, Camry, Corolla, RAV4, 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, Venza and more. Beyond being comfortable, the Wigo keeps you safe with an advanced security system designed from Toyota's safety standards SPECIFICATIONS. OEM Antifreeze Concentrate for Toyota, Lexus, Scion with Red Coolant $23. The traditional antifreeze or coolant formulation protects to about -34°F. I sent from US to africa Genuine Toyota red coolant to replace the one in my V8 5. 252-1502 Pink 50/50 premix can be used w/or in place of Red …. #2 - Toyota Super Long Life Coolant …. Toyota Radiator Antize Super Llc Premixed Pink At Ato24. 09 Add to Cart FEATURES OEM Extended life antifreeze/coolants are recommended for use in automotive and light duty vehicles that require specific technology engine coolants. So you’ve got to change the coolant maybe three years or every 15,000 miles. Morris Red Anti Freeze Coolant 5L Longlife (Oat) for TOYOTA …. Correct coolant for 2003 Toyota Avalon Want to replace the radiator fluid in my 03 Avalon and use Toyota fluid. TOM: We say usually, because you can't count on color. 99 Part#PAR0B3 SKU#720572 Check if this fits yourToyota Check if this fits yourToyota Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up. After tthe first change (some say 36,000 3 years on the green stuff, 5 years 150,000 on the orange) I go every 2-3 years on both. Whether a coolant has an EG or PG base, what really separates a coolant is its chemical composition. For example, Hyundai says the coolant …. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends a Pink long life, Coolant, you could compare the life span of different manufacturer Coolants… eg. Note that the purple and pink antifreeze requires monitoring at 15K mile intervals with a simple coolant …. We've always found the best to be the original Toyota factory fill s Cart. The answer to "Can I use water as engine coolant," is definitely no. The average cost for a Toyota Sienna coolant change is between $77 and $98. It is a two-wire thermistor immersed in coolant …. According to DealerRater, Toyota determined that the porosity in the engine castings was prone to cracking, leading to coolant …. these anti-freeze coolants have many features including that biodegradable, phosphate-free & non-toxic, typically reduces operating race temperatures and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256 Degree Fahrenheit or less, and freeze-up protection to -26 Degree F. From what i have read, Would I be right in saying I am best to use this coolant? And does it differ from normal red coolant? I called my local autoparts Home. It is ethylene glycol, similar to Prestone, but with extra refinements to remove all the silica. That may be why the water pump issue. It has a dilution ratio of 50/50 between the cooling agent and distilled water. GENUINE TOYOTA RED Coolant Antifreeze 1 L Pre Mixed - £8. Set your digital multimeter to DC volts at 20 volts or less. Hef μολὼν λαβέ Save Reply J Jeremy K Registered. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. Top Toyota Car Lubricants Price List 2022. So both we're extended life coolant …. The pink-colored antifreeze is Toyota’s version of 50/50 coolant and is meant to have a super long life. Toyota of Bellevue has been serving the Bellevue and greater Seattle areas for nearly 50 years. The 90° Molded Coolant Hose Program that brings a complete universal 90° range to the market. (commonly a fluorescent green, red, orange, yellow, or blue) to aid in identification. Prestone Asian Vehicles (Red) antifreeze+coolant - ready to use (50/50 Prediluted) is our best formula for all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles; makes, models, years & fluid colors. The cap on this Chrysler coolant jug (right) cautions that "special engine coolant only" should be used, and the coolant dye color is orange. The following Nulon products are suitable for the specification TOYOTA SUPER LONG LIFE COOLANT. Search Fixya If it still has the Gm red coolant use the red coolant GM brand otherwise go to wal mart get genaric 50/50 coolant …. HPS Reinforced Red Silicone Heater Hose Kit Coolant for Toyota …. Check your vehicle handbook for the location of the coolant filler cap – the advice given may vary from car to car. It often can last five years or 150,000. Our upgraded & Patented Cor-Guard Technology (our best coolant innovation in decades) works with all new engines, and also is backward compatible - providing. FREE Shipping within US when you purchase $250. Transport old antifreeze in sealed, plastic containers. Prestone - Asian Vehicles (Red) 50/50 Antifreeze / Coolant - Gallon (Part No. This item: TOYOTA Anti-Rust & Anti-Freeze Long Life Coolant (1l, Red/Pink) AED 38. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Genuine Toyota Long Life Red Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate 5 LTS 0888980014 at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products!. Search Forums; Featured Threads; Recent Posts; The red long life coolant is not diluted. Similarly, you will want to check your oil dipstick and see if it shows an oil-coolant …. Toyota Red Coolant (5L) Brand: Toyota OEM. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Signal 1991 Toyota This is likewise one of the factors by obtaining the soft documents of this engine coolant temperature sensor signal 1991 toyota by online. Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Asian Vehicles Red 50/50 PREMIXED *10 Year/300K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon. Specification: Application: Toyota MR2 MK1 AW11 Chassis '84-'89 | 4A-GE Engine | Manual Transmissions | RHD & LHD Models. Dogs or cats for research purposes. Shell Rotella ELC Nitrite Free Antifreeze : Best Antifreeze for Diesel Engines. If the coolant is below the low mark, you have to add more coolant to the reservoir. Best place to buy Toyota red coolant and does it matter if I get the 50. Protect against boiling and freezing. Many service shops, though — including some at dealerships that sell cars with "lifetime" coolant — say you should do it more often than the maintenance schedule recommends, such as. Remember: Some cars also use ATF in their power steering systems. High engine coolant temperature warning light (red) 1. You can call our Sales Department at , Service Department at 626-465-7237, or our Parts Department at 626-465-7270. Coolant (NITRITE FREE) Available in Red or Yellow No No No 1,000,000 Miles Green 2 Years/24,000 Miles Yes Low Silicate N/A 1994 And Older 2001 And Older 2002 And Older Full Force®/PEAK® Ready Use Antifreeze & Coolant Sierra® Antifreeze & Coolant Green Propylene Glycol No Low Silicate N/A 1994 And Older 2001 And Older. Find Toyota genuine parts online. I read in another thread that someone mentioned the early 4th gens require Toyota Red coolant, while the later 4th gens require pink. Recently, I was told by a presumably knowledgeable person that I should only use "red" coolant -- preferably the expensive Toyota …. The price for a radiator flush, in which a certified technician drains all the fluid out of your radiator and replaces it with fresh fluid can average between $131 and $209. The color of healthy engine coolant is green (for ethylene glycol) or orange (for Dexcool). Shop for the best Coolant / Antifreeze - Vehicle Specific for your 2007 Toyota Corolla, and you can place your order online and pick up for free at your local O. An owner's manual might recommend changing the coolant / antifreeze after the first 60,000 miles, then every 30,000 miles. #1 - Every Scion ever made comes from the factory with Toyota Super Long Life Coolant. This coolant was used in VW model years 2008-present. The engine coolant temperature warning symbol will illuminate on the instrument cluster when. Buy Toyota Red Coolant Products Online in Antigua And Barbuda. The easiest way to confirm you are using the right coolant is to send your Toyota Avalon to Nalley Toyota of Roswell or give us a call at 7707637398. Pentosin 1 Gallon Red 50/50 Antifreeze. The coolant and the oil are carried to your engine through two separate and distinct channels. If the heat is blowing, but blowing cold, it has something to do with the coolant …. As long as it reads less than 300 millivolts (lower is better) they its okay. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Important …. What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to all 1996-newer vehicles (Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen VW, Mazda, Dodge, Ford, BW, etc. The other performs the same function, but for the coolant, which is directed to the cooling system. Dashboard warning light or abnormal temperature gauge - The first sign of low coolant should be a dashboard warning light, or a rising temperature gauge. We deliver the quality Toyota . Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 0 TRD S AT (Yellow SE) ₱ 700,000. Do I have to buy this stuff to top it off? 0 comments. If not, then it is not working correctly. The cap on this Chrysler coolant jug (right) cautions that “special engine coolant only” should be used, and the coolant dye color is orange. Evans EC53001 High Performance Waterless Coolant. When I bought my used Corolla with 212,000 miles, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the coolant in the overflow tank was red. Some engines are equipped with external oil coolers in which radiator coolant is passed through it to help keep the engine cool. Unplug the sensor electrical connector. The light will initially flash when the coolant temperature is high and will remain illuminated when the coolant …. You can look at your car's coolant reservoirs to see what the pink coolant looks like; while the red coolant has a very dark red color. Antifreeze and Engine Coolant. A stained coolant tank is not really a great look for those of you trying to keep a clean engine bay. Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. Discussion Starter · #9 · Jun 22, 2015. There are a few advantages that this coolant color can provide. Toyota Motor North America is recalling about 52,000 vehicles over possible coolant leaks. This motor oil is formulated with a special additive package that helps protect Toyota metal and gasket surfaces from corrosion, …. All fit 1979-1995 Toyota Pickup and more. Toyota red coolant, mixing ratio? Thread starter diggerdave; Start date May 28, 2019; diggerdave Well-Known Member. Coolant type cannot be accurately identified by …. Joined Dec 30, 2012 · 769 Posts. These products are mixed and placed into your cars engine to allow higher boiling points to prevent your car from overheating. Currently the Toyota Corolla has a score of 8. Im planning to do an entire flush tomorrow as Im changing the water pump. Aside from one limited use seven years ago, however, Chrysler does not approve a DexCool-type coolant (or any other true OAT coolant). Sold by Orange Shortcut and sent from Amazon Fulfillment. Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum > Toyota 4Runner Forum > 3rd gen T4Rs > Toyota Red coolant vs. When the ECT (engine coolant temperature) is high (hotter), …. park your vehicle over a dry surface. How much coolant your car holds and thus will require depends entirely on its engine and cooling system. 97 people reported this problem. Motorists will be pretty hesitant to mix two different types of antifreeze. ZEREX Asian Vehicle Antifreeze / Coolant is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of Asian vehicle manufacturers (Toyota®, Lexus®, Scion® and others) requiring a red, silicate free Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) with a phosphate additive. Delta Cargo bans include, but are not limited to: Hunting trophies such as lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. 2 million miles or 24,000 hours in Class 8 trucks *, up to 600,000 miles or 12,000 hours in other. Remove the radiator cap and attach the air pump's tester hose to the coolant recovery tank. For example Toyota red antifreeze contains silicates that American antifreezes will not contain. North Park Toyota of San Antonio. Remove the cap covering the tee as well as the radiator cap. Prestone ® Asian Vehicles (Red) Antifreeze + Coolant P/N: AF6200 Premier formula for all Toyota ®, Lexus ® and Scion ® vehicles; makes, models, years & fluid colors. Purchasing this coolant is expensive and it only comes in a 50/50 premix in my experience. The easiest way to confirm you are using the right coolant is to send your Toyota to Courtesy Toyota of Brandon or give us a call at 8132854632. Red vs pink coolant question after flush. • coolant = long life coolant 30-50% mixture (for winter); coolant with rust inhibitor (for other seasons) Intella LiftParts is your place for all of your toyota forklift parts needs. Optimizes engine temp, prevents freezing, PLUS protects parts from buildup & corrosion. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. Silicates are the main reason why there are yellow or green colors found in the antifreeze. The right most segment of the engine coolant temperature display flashes to indicate that the engine is almost overheating. The coolant should be between the min and max marks on the side of the expansion tank. People also ask, what engine coolant …. Other Asian companies may use Blue, Green, or whatever. Rust and corrosion protection allows for use of straight water in racing or reduced antifreeze levels in warm climates. Toyota Corolla Coolant (Antifreeze) Change Guide Wit…. TOYOTA 2009 CODE P0116/P2616 Took the car to the dealer and the code is as follows: P0116 Coolant Temperature Circuit Rank P2616 ECM/PCM Engine Off. Nulon Red Premium Long Life Coolant 100% Concentrate is principally designed for use where OAT coolant is required. Super Tech Prediluted 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant for Toyota / Lexus / Scion, Red, 1 Gallon. It is red colour and is suitable for all Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu vehicles up to approximately 2002. 78Liter TOYOTA cars vehicle…. Use in all cooling systems as a replacement for any red/orange coloured coolant. It is designed to be mixed 50/50 with demineralised water to make up 8 litres of engine coolant. How to Change Coolant (DIY). Organic Acid Technology (OAT) is a long-life coolant (LLC) / extended-life coolant (ELC), widely used in Europe before its introduction in …. Some guys will only use Toyota pink or red others are okay with the stuff labeled for use with any color coolant. The coolant temperature sensor itself is often quite cheap and you can often find them around $40 for a quality one. But in the same way that chocolate syrup needs to be mixed with milk before it becomes. Eliminates the formation of harmful deposits. Aisin Long Life Coolant helps in Corrosion Prevention, Protection from Overheating and Protection from Freezing. Valvoline Zerex Asian RED Vehicle Antifreeze / Coolant - 1 Gallon: Formulated to replace the OEM fluid in Asian make vehicles such as Toyota®, Lexus®, This works great! I used on my 09 Rav4. Color: Antifreeze, or coolant, helps to keep your engine at the proper temperature and prevent corrosion. The owners manual in Toyota vehicles has a page which discribes in much detail what "the Explanation of Scheduled Maintenace Items" is. Toyota's coolant has an initial drain interval of 1. Notes: Engine Coolant / Antifreeze -- Toyota Long Life, Please refer to the owners manual to confirm that this is the correct fluid for your vehicles cooling system. DY / O = Either yellow-colored engine coolant approved to Ford specification WSS-M97B57-A1 or WSS-M97B57-A2 (Motorcraft® Yellow Antifreeze/. 9 liters, vehicles with larger cooling systems should use …. Once the engine has cooled down, slowly open the coolant reservoir cap, allowing any remaining pressure to be released. " This coolant is available through your local Toyota dealer. Please check if you are unsure if your Vehicle is using this type of coolant as this will not mix with later Pink Coolant. We offer a large selection of …. Available in 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40 grades. Learn More about the 2022 Toyota …. When I called my dealership parts department I asked the guy if they stocked the Super Long Life Coolant for my RAV4, and he said yes. The main ingredient in Toyota's coolant is actually ethylene glycol, but. Maintenance - Toyota Red Coolant Equivalents?? - Changing out my radiator to a new aluminum supra tt one. A couple of days ago my car heated up into the red and i noticed i had no coolant …. Or, if it's an older car and the owner wants. Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange. But many will tell you, changing the coolant is not even on their radar. Welcome to Joseph Airport Toyota. Keep in mind, though: If your car is still under warranty, make sure you stick to. Newer transmission fluid is a translucent dark red color, but over time, it will become even darker through use.